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LA1 – Crystal

#inktober 1: Crystal. This is David Jones, the chad father of John Michael Jones. By the time you see this, you may see David and John in the Subscribestar archives, definitely in August (L8.zip), and perhaps in September as well (L9.zip). Link on the support page.

A Note on What’s Going on with Bunny Trail Junction:

  • I had always planned to release a December monthly, then go on Hiatus at the beginning of 2022 and evaluate how the comic had gone thus far, relaunching upon the completion of my evaluation.
  • A close family member spent November nearly dying, resulting in the cancelation of the December comics. I do still have them on hand, and will go back and retroactively add them eventually.
  • Bunny Trail Junction is on Hiatus for January and probably February. The format and upload schedule will be changed when we relaunch, but we will continue the stories we’ve left hanging.

Thank you for your patience. I am quite excited for the next incarnation of this comic. For a sneak peek at what that might look like, take a gander at our video games.