Get the Books!

In addition to publishing this comic on the internet, I publish a number of fun books!

Bunny Trail Junction

I work hard to make sure that each month’s comics are available as an inexpensive paperback on the first day of that month or before! In addition to being a printed copy that the internet moguls can’t take away from you, each monthly has exclusive chapter section art, and a sneak peak at the next month.

The Adventures of Jump the Shark and Sera Mermaid

My first children’s book, which holds up remarkably well, considering all I’ve learned since then!

Jump the Shark & the Pirate Princess

The thrilling sequel, and the latest children’s book I’ve made, it incorporates nearly everything I’ve learned.

Awesome Moments 1: The Kings of Earth

A brief summary of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in production now, so my children can always have a record of my faith.

Help make it a reality right here!

You can download the first draft right here, right now!

The Amazing Alphabeasts

26 Crazy Critters from Z to A

I made an alphabet book designed as a bestiary. Learn about cool characters like Zap Zebra or Klangaroo. Come away with an intuitive understanding of how each letter sounds.

Hat Trick 1: The Death of Arthur

Long ago, I was trying to get a day job, and I didn’t have time to color a book. So I started telling the story of Hat Trick as an experimental Black and White children’s book.

It was a mistake. I cut the story off halfway to ensure I could finish it in a month, it was better suited to being a comic, and so on and so forth.

The Hat Trick comics I’m running on this site are building towards a new Hat Trick 1: Night Mare Nightmare. When it is complete, I will take The Death of Arthur down. Nevertheless, I am making an effort to wrap up the story in The Death of Arthur in Night Mare Nightmare, while still telling a standalone story, so that the handful of people who bought The Death of Arthur won’t feel cheated.

The overlap between this book and Night Mare Nightmare is the game coming out in November 2021: Prelude to Nightmare!