Get the Books!

In addition to publishing this comic on the internet, I publish a number of fun books!

Bunny Trail Junction

I work hard to make sure that each month’s comics are available as an inexpensive paperback on the first day of that month or before! In addition to being a printed copy that the internet moguls can’t take away from you, each monthly has exclusive chapter section art, and a sneak peak at the next month.

The Adventures of Jump the Shark and Sera Mermaid

My first children’s book, which holds up remarkably well, considering all I’ve learned since then. A fun adventure I made for my kid just to see if I could.

Jump the Shark & the Pirate Princess

The thrilling sequel, and the latest children’s book I’ve made, it incorporates nearly everything I’ve learned.

Awesome Moments 1: The Kings of Earth

A brief summary of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, so my children can always have a record of my faith.

You can download the current draft right here, right now!

The Amazing Alphabeasts

26 Crazy Critters from Z to A

I made an alphabet book designed as a bestiary. Learn about cool characters like Zap Zebra or Klangaroo. Come away with an intuitive understanding of how each letter sounds.

Hat Trick 1: The Death of Arthur

Long ago, I was trying to get a day job, and I didn’t have time to color a book. So I started telling the story of Hat Trick as an experimental Black and White children’s book.

It was a mistake. I cut the story off halfway to ensure I could finish it in a month, it was better suited to being a comic, and so on and so forth.

The Hat Trick comics I’m running on this site are building towards a new Hat Trick 1: Night Mare Nightmare. When it is complete, I will take The Death of Arthur down. Nevertheless, I am making an effort to wrap up the story in The Death of Arthur in Night Mare Nightmare, while still telling a standalone story, so that the handful of people who bought The Death of Arthur won’t feel cheated.

You can find a tech demo of a related game concept I had on the Games page.