Get Merch!

You can support Bunny Trail Junction by acquiring any of these fun products! Since I use teespring, clicking on the link will allow you to check out other versions of the art, like teeshirts for a mug, or posters for a hoodie. And there’s liable to be more options besides on the Teespring store itself. Although if I find a way to offer wooden swords and action figures, presumably not through Teespring, you will find them here too!

Cockatiel not included.

Jump the Shark and the Butterfly

Celebrating the upcoming relase of Jump the Shark and Paruvrew, a shirt (or a mug) featuring Jump the Shark and a delightful butterfly.

Coffee Level Mug

A mug detailing the ideal coffee level before pontificating. If I resurrect Re-Tail, this’ll be the mug the boss-man holds.

Hat Trick Prelude To Nightmare Mug

For the Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare minigame I made in 2021. Celebrate the addition of animations and gameplay to Bunny Trail Junction with a mug. Or check out one of the other products bearing Arthur’s mugshot.


These are Your Cohosts!

Me and my shark, plastered on a plethora of products for fans of the interstices.

September 2021 Monthly Special

Every month I release a limited edition product on Teespring and then remove it the next month. So, sometime in early October, this pillow, and the associated merchandise are going bye-bye.


Hat Trick Merlin

We’re off to see the wizard. House your dark coffee in a mug branded with a dark magician bunny.

Hover Jenny Mug

This mug, with a title panel from the September monthly featuring Jenny Warthog, keeps my brushes safe while I make this here comic.

Discontinued Merch


August 2021 Monthly Special

This was my first attempt at official Bunny Trail Junction merch, and it wasn’t the greatest. The bottom line of the panel got cut off!

Well, I ordered the only one, so now it’s a legendary error mug.