Here are some games I’ve made or am making.

Last Legend Zero

Legend tells of Pandora Station, an aether mining outpost with unimaginable wealth that simply… disappeared. Take the role of Quester, the High Inquisitor of the experimental starship Zero, tasked with finding Pandora, in a retro point-and click adventure game. Development presently suspended until further notice.

Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare

Hat Trick: Prelude to Nightmare is an experiment designed to determine whether I can make action adventure games that cross over with my comics, specifically the Hat Trick series. The game as designed has been cancelled. I may un-cancel it at a later date, however.

You can download the action adventure tech demo from the site:

Witch Way

A Halloween-themed space shooter where you play a witch shooting other witches for candy. Available for free or for a small donation at

Cand Raid: The Factory

The thrilling sequel to Witch Way, I did not make Candy Raid. I did the art, with the programming and design by KR Game Studios. The game is available on Steam and Switch and lives online at