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LBE – Merlinterrogation

Once I decided to build a game tower, I initially consigned myself to starting at Space Shooters, like Witch Way (bunnytrail.itch.io/witch-way), as that is the smallest game I can reasonably make in, say, a month.

Which ruled out the JRPG idea and ruled in platformers as a next step. Which is fine. My favorite game is Link's Awakening, but there's platforming in that, and after that I prefer Megaman X, Super Metroid, Sonic 3, and Mario World, all games with a heavy emphasis on platforming and a strong emphasis on exploration.

Then I realized I'd already started building a pixel art platformer that uses Bunny Trail Junction graphics in Unity, and adds colors over the top of it. Why start from square one?

But of course, that's not the only half-started game I've got in Unity. As Merlin's pointing out, if I'm allowed to reuse work I've already done, an adventure game using my JRPG engine bones is on the table as well. And if I bring the graphics into the Rainboy Palette, that produces a much nicer art style for the comic.


So how did that morph into the Hat Trick minigame at bunnytrail.itch.io/hattrick0? Well...


Hat Trick will continue in episode LBJ, which is, of course, available in the monthly.

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