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L8M – Holy What-er?

This comic is modestly interesting for a bunch of reasons.

  • I'm not super interested in doing religious or political comics. I'm an entertainer, not a pundit or apologist, and having tried being a pundit and apologist, I am content to remain an entertainer.
  • Nevertheless, the image of Harvey Weinstein recoiling from a crucifix is an important bridge burning. I don't want to have anything to do with the entertainment industries that currently exist in my culture, and this comic renders me toxic to them. Almost as much as my copyright policy.
  • At this point, I was still trying to do rough, sketchy comics to serve as the "ultimate first draft". And yet, when I finished the comic, I looked at it and said to myself, "You know, that's an okay art style. That's okay art. There are 'pro' comics that look worse than this."

Support Bunny Trail Junction, because you know Harvey Weinstein won't.

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